Monday, 1 February 2016

Microsoft will stop 15GB OneDrive free space

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If you're OneDrive users, and you want to keep 15GB free storage space, it is only a few hours to make sure that my free space is not affected.

Microsoft announced last November that it would free storage OneDrive shrunk from 15GB 5GB and removed 15GB additional camera roll space. But then faced strong resistance, Microsoft does offer a scheme, allows the user to keep 15GB free storage space addition 15GB camera video space. But to that end, users need a special statement on January 31 was to ensure that my free space is not lost on the final day.

In order to ensure that they do not lose 15GB of free space, OneDrive users need to go to Microsoft Web site a dedicated page, click on the "reserve your free space", and then use the Microsoft account after logging in, will be prompted. When you are finished, 15GB free storage space and 15GB camera film new policy for space will not be affected.

Adjustment for OneDrive free space is part of Microsoft's overall adjustment plan of the cloud storage package. In addition to reducing the generation of free storage space, Microsoft will also stop for Office 365 Home Edition users with unlimited space, instead replaced by a 1TB space, while terminating OneDrive pay packages of 100GB and 200GB, launched the new 50GB package – a monthly price of $ 1.99.

Microsoft said at the time, some users are using OneDrive backup large amounts of data is an important reason for the reduced package volume. The company said, they just want to continue to focus on high-value productivity and collaboration experience, in order to benefit most OneDrive users.

Despite Microsoft's existing space reserved for free users of the programme, but does not pay for OneDrive users with similar channels.


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