Monday, 1 February 2016

BlackBerry Executive said: the future will focus on Android platform

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BlackBerry 10 fans were filled with forward to the ecology of the system to have a better development, but unfortunately, BlackBerry official confirmation message to these people pouring cold water. This BlackBerry high though not BlackBerry's head, but as products of the APAC region, Senior Director, Damian Tay has confirmed: BlackBerry is currently steering a platform ecosystem, and the BlackBerry platform of choice is Android.

In fact even in BlackBerry 10 times, BlackBerry has one foot was stepped on in Android on this boat. BB10 systems, in order to solve the problem of lack of applied ecology, BB10 systems through compatibility layers support Android applications.

On top of the latest BlackBerry PRIV phone BlackBerry using the Android system, but also their stock-in-trade QWERTY keyboard to move over. Fact that this phone's acceptance is very high, there are fears that this is a precursor to BlackBerry abandoned BB10, facts proved once again that such fears became reality.

Tay said that using two platforms in the market competition is unreasonable, while the future is Android (the future is really Android). BlackBerry is cross-platform applications and services to build, so the Android is an easy thing to turn to. BlackBerry decision is not to make people feel the accident, after all, the Android application of eco-BB10 not knowing how much higher.

But this process is not so fast, BlackBerry sales have, after all, still support the BlackBerry during Passport as well as Classic running BB10 system. And considering Android BB10 can't rate and security, BB10 today, after all, a lot of business and government markets, continued support was necessary. So the BlackBerry will probably also maintains two platforms over time, but this is only temporary unless there's also top BlackBerry stand out after denying Tay's comments.


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