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Android market development lack of innovation

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In recent years, China's demographic dividend break threatened. A rainy day, the major industrial companies were seeking to replace labor with robots, in order to enhance cost competitiveness against the unfavorable factors. Rise along with the industrial robot market.

Three types of robots taking advantage off

Starting from the application environment, the robot can be divided into three categories, an industrial robot, the United States applied, SAIC-GM factories are owned by industrial robots. Belong to the second class special robots, widely used in medical and other special areas. Third way is consumer robotics, robot vacuums, robot remote controls belongs to consumer products.

Midea air conditioning in Guangzhou Nansha plant has been realized by robots and manipulators "to do", whether it is copper tube bending, packing and warehousing, and other "hard action", such as bar codes pasted, leak detection, is "fine". Midea Nansha plant is equipped with more than 5,000 sensors, the production of real-time feedback information to the central control room. Midea air conditioning intelligent production line technology provider, Bo science and technology limited company Vice President Yang Yuqiang told reporters: "these sensors to increase the traceability of the operations, whether it's five years or ten years can be traced. ”

So far in 2011, because the application of robots and manipulators, midea air conditioner has lost 40% production workers over the next three years the number will continue to drop to 30%.

Apart from the household electrical appliance enterprises, other manufacturers of "robot" plan also pushed on the agenda. The 21st of this month, SAIC GM Cadillac new Cadillac factory is a set of flexible, smart and technology in one of the world's Green luxury car manufacturing plant, factory robots 386, realize the automation manufacturing technologies 100%. In the painting workshop, painting, coating 100% automatically by a robot operation.

As large manufacturing business intelligence projects are being started, robot manufacturer (Intelligent Enterprise) also hope that the cloud has a moon. In March 2015, Bo Seiko began to negotiate with us to build intelligent production line. Yang Yuqiang introduction, with the gradual advance of intelligent manufacturing, exponential growth of the company's business, other than domestic firms, Bo Seiko also worked with companies such as Siemens. Compared with foreign business intelligence, intelligent manufacturing in China is still relatively simple. Foreign Intelligence is the advancement of the whole industrial chain, industry chain of the most powerful enterprises in China to test the waters.

Three types of robots now have huge market space. Outlook for the industrial robot market, Wu Wenxin, intelligent manufacturing is the way of industrial development in China in the future, the situation will force enterprises to do. Robots of the future will be more and more widely used. Naval General Hospital officials also introduced robots currently in clinical applications, robotic surgery cost a little expensive. But patients faster, low probability of complications. Consumer robots into the homes of ordinary people.

Technology key

Robots at the end of 2015 Conference, President of the Federation of international robot aertuluo·balongqieli: "China is the world's largest robot market, 56% of the total global sales last year. "Starting from 2013, China will become the world's largest industrial robot market.

But compared with foreign enterprises in China about 500 manufacturer does not have a core technology has significant competitive advantages, few brands have loud. Wang tianran, Director of China National robot Engineering Research Center, said: "at the top end of the robot's design and manufacturing capacity in China is still far behind. "The International Federation of Robotics in 2013 the Chinese robot industry research reports that China's robotics industry without innovation. Reports also pointed out that China's robotics industry is small and is not competitive compared with developed countries.

A case study of consumer robots, poly-entropy for example smart CEO, Mr Frederick Ho, said current consumer Robotics market development stage a decade ago, mobile phone market, lack of uniform operating system for smartphones, feature dominating the market. The brand premium, price war for market. "And consumer robots, robots and industrial robots are in the technology a critical period, replaced by a price war is not a long-term solution. ”
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