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AI outbreak of the hardware and software together

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After gathering strength in recent years, artificial intelligence software and hardware set off the open source wave, speech, visual perception, such as the technology matures, more and more startups start with artificial intelligence-oriented.

IResearch analyst Lin Renxiang told the China business newspaper, said in an interview, speech, vision and other perceived core business solutions has landed, 2016 and artificial intelligence related fields of entrepreneurship will be even hotter.

Startups and big dance

Past 2015, artificial intelligence Neural networks using GPU parallel computing, and data accumulation, which improved performance and speed, perceiving dimensions of development further.

More and more big companies start layout in this field, Baidu drone Division was set up, and completed its first road test, Tencent has also set up intelligent computing and research lab. Can be seen from the giant's strategic layout, heat of the artificial intelligence will continue to heat up.

Meanwhile, the start-up companies in the field of artificial intelligence have Pearson VUE. These startups, most from the technology is more mature voice and image applications into the artificial intelligence industry.

From the perspective of development of artificial intelligence, in 2016, the business is still a good choice. Zhang yaqin, President of Baidu in 2016, said at the World Economic Forum annual meeting, the technologies of the coming decades, artificial intelligence is the Foundation, but also the development of all other power, whether it is business, or investment, could be considered artificial intelligence.

IResearch the 2015 report: application of artificial intelligence in China, according to the Pearson VUE available artificial intelligence startups in China, over 65 get the investment, financing totaled 2.91 billion yuan, in 2015, the amount of investment is about 1.26 billion yuan.

The report also shows that more and more invested in artificial intelligence agencies, has developed from less than 30 in 2014 to 2015 48.

Borealis ventures Vice President CAI Wei, "said AI outbreak stage of development is not an accident behind the data and computing power is rocket fuel, has a lot of opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence, and we will continue in the artificial intelligence field layout. ”

Wang Pengwei, Chairman of State-run investment revealed that the Agency for 2016 will pay attention to the field of artificial intelligence, mainly is the application of artificial intelligence in the field of rail transport, in contact with the investment objects are at present.

Application of vertical opportunities

Technological innovation is ultimately to return to commercial levels. Started with speech-recognition technology startups go out and ask, has now achieved across from software to hardware. Go ask the CEO Li Zhifei, told reporters: "since its inception, has been trying to find by landing the artificial intelligence technology to consumer product, define the next generation of human-computer interaction. "Go out and ask after the voice search APP and watch Ticwatch release carries its own operating system, is the software technology floor to hardware products.

Li Zhifei view that 2016 will enter the age of artificial intelligence AI3.0, from software to hardware, from information to services, ecology will be more complete in the consumption of artificial intelligence, intelligent wearable, robot hardware platforms joined, as well as car, home and other scenarios will be implemented.

CAI Wei, said now is the core technology of speech recognition, natural language understanding, and visual identity, vertical scale corresponding to the areas of application development, there will be more opportunities, and hyped drone in the real scene is difficult to implement the commercial.

Android market development lack of innovation

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In recent years, China's demographic dividend break threatened. A rainy day, the major industrial companies were seeking to replace labor with robots, in order to enhance cost competitiveness against the unfavorable factors. Rise along with the industrial robot market.

Three types of robots taking advantage off

Starting from the application environment, the robot can be divided into three categories, an industrial robot, the United States applied, SAIC-GM factories are owned by industrial robots. Belong to the second class special robots, widely used in medical and other special areas. Third way is consumer robotics, robot vacuums, robot remote controls belongs to consumer products.

Midea air conditioning in Guangzhou Nansha plant has been realized by robots and manipulators "to do", whether it is copper tube bending, packing and warehousing, and other "hard action", such as bar codes pasted, leak detection, is "fine". Midea Nansha plant is equipped with more than 5,000 sensors, the production of real-time feedback information to the central control room. Midea air conditioning intelligent production line technology provider, Bo science and technology limited company Vice President Yang Yuqiang told reporters: "these sensors to increase the traceability of the operations, whether it's five years or ten years can be traced. ”

So far in 2011, because the application of robots and manipulators, midea air conditioner has lost 40% production workers over the next three years the number will continue to drop to 30%.

Apart from the household electrical appliance enterprises, other manufacturers of "robot" plan also pushed on the agenda. The 21st of this month, SAIC GM Cadillac new Cadillac factory is a set of flexible, smart and technology in one of the world's Green luxury car manufacturing plant, factory robots 386, realize the automation manufacturing technologies 100%. In the painting workshop, painting, coating 100% automatically by a robot operation.

As large manufacturing business intelligence projects are being started, robot manufacturer (Intelligent Enterprise) also hope that the cloud has a moon. In March 2015, Bo Seiko began to negotiate with us to build intelligent production line. Yang Yuqiang introduction, with the gradual advance of intelligent manufacturing, exponential growth of the company's business, other than domestic firms, Bo Seiko also worked with companies such as Siemens. Compared with foreign business intelligence, intelligent manufacturing in China is still relatively simple. Foreign Intelligence is the advancement of the whole industrial chain, industry chain of the most powerful enterprises in China to test the waters.

Three types of robots now have huge market space. Outlook for the industrial robot market, Wu Wenxin, intelligent manufacturing is the way of industrial development in China in the future, the situation will force enterprises to do. Robots of the future will be more and more widely used. Naval General Hospital officials also introduced robots currently in clinical applications, robotic surgery cost a little expensive. But patients faster, low probability of complications. Consumer robots into the homes of ordinary people.

Technology key

Robots at the end of 2015 Conference, President of the Federation of international robot aertuluo·balongqieli: "China is the world's largest robot market, 56% of the total global sales last year. "Starting from 2013, China will become the world's largest industrial robot market.

But compared with foreign enterprises in China about 500 manufacturer does not have a core technology has significant competitive advantages, few brands have loud. Wang tianran, Director of China National robot Engineering Research Center, said: "at the top end of the robot's design and manufacturing capacity in China is still far behind. "The International Federation of Robotics in 2013 the Chinese robot industry research reports that China's robotics industry without innovation. Reports also pointed out that China's robotics industry is small and is not competitive compared with developed countries.

A case study of consumer robots, poly-entropy for example smart CEO, Mr Frederick Ho, said current consumer Robotics market development stage a decade ago, mobile phone market, lack of uniform operating system for smartphones, feature dominating the market. The brand premium, price war for market. "And consumer robots, robots and industrial robots are in the technology a critical period, replaced by a price war is not a long-term solution. ”

Automakers support governance cheating up subsidies fall back just forced a new energy automobile market progress

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Subsidies for new energy vehicle decline every year, is the Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of stated policy, national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments, and over-reliance on subsidies for new energy vehicles in China, makes the Central fall back just ahead of the subsidy policy mechanisms.

On January 27, the a new energy automobile executives said in the China Business Journal reporter, as the direction for long-term development of new energy vehicles vehicle manufacturers, subsidy policy tightening, conducive to the steady development of the present market.

Central ministries issued the relevant instructions, most car companies of Central, a new energy policy expressing support. On one hand, subsidies fall back just a mechanism to speed up startup and can stimulate consumer purchases in advance new energy vehicles in the short term, on the subsidies squeeze is also conducive to the orderly development of new energy vehicle market, accelerating new energy automobile enterprise's survival of the fittest.

In fact, as early as 2014, before and after the four ministries had issued a circular on further improving notification of popularization of new energy vehicles, overall guidance for financial subsidies for new energy vehicle lines will be reduced year by year. Subsidies and now part of the new energy car chases, the overall market situation of cohabitation, that pays top academics, is undoubtedly the basic factors prompted the Central Government to adjust its policies.

Subsidy policy tightening

A few days ago, 2016 electric hundred Forum held in Beijing, China, attended this forum interested parties, have reached a consensus. Early in the development of new energy vehicles, central both to maintain the subsidy policy, promoting the development of new-energy auto industry. But at the same time, subsidies are only leverage the automakers should gradually reduce policy dependent on.

Earlier media reports, some domestic companies use data fraud in obtaining subsidies, become the focus of the Forum discussions. "Four ministries have jointly issued a notice also organized special examinations, cheat on verified completion rules dealt with according to law, inspection and processing of the results to the public. "Minister of finance Lou Jiwei said.

Treasury's latest policy change is that 2017-2018 new energy auto subsidy levels from 2016 20%, 2019-2020 40%, after 2020 subsidy policy exit. This also means that in the next few years, the State subsidies for new energy vehicles "gate" gradual tightening.

Treasury's idea is that early release policy is for the enterprise to form a reasonable expectation. And then also to strengthen financial supervision and crack down on swindlers and rent supplement. Lou Jiwei, fake lie to make up, not only on violations of the laws and regulations and financial discipline, also seriously damaged the market environment must establish dishonest corporate blacklist system, filling and rent-seeking behavior against swindlers.

In fact, the "Twelve-Five" period, the four ministries have been issued a number of policies and measures, including subsidies, tax incentives, government procurement, technical research and development, charging infrastructure innovation incentives, standards and regulations, institutional mechanisms, policy research and development, production, consumption, and other aspects of operation, strongly supports the new energy automobile industry in China.

"The consumption subsidy policies designed to foster in the primary market, practice has proved that this policy works. "Mr Lou said, but long-term implementation of consumer subsidies, companies likely to suffer from the Government's policy of" addiction ", lack of technological development and upgrading of power and pressure industries are prone to low levels of blind expansion, the formation of new overcapacity. Therefore need to adjust subsidies, establishing selection criteria and mechanism.

Adjustment of, on the one hand, to increase the subsidy threshold, highlighting support for enterprises, not up to the standards of corporate subsidies cannot be obtained to curb blind expansion and disorderly development of the industry on the other, subsidies fall back just standard, forcing enterprises to speed up market development.

Forced market transformation

The foregoing policies are national policies of "adjustment" of new energy vehicle market means.

Analysts believe that, gradually reduce subsidies for new energy vehicles, actually determine the subsidies for new energy vehicles to exit mechanism. Follow-up will continue a subsidy policy was just extended the subsidies for new energy vehicles "exit" buffer time, essentially subsidies for new energy vehicles will decrease to an ultimate abolition.

In fact, in previous national sustained policy support for new energy automobile industry, new energy vehicles in China has achieved fast development.

In the past four years, insufficient domestic new energy cars from vehicles shot up to 2015 more than 400,000 vehicles. In particular, in this case of the traditional auto industry as a whole, new energy automobile market to buck, showing explosive growth. According to authoritative statistics show that, in 2015, the surge in sales of new energy vehicles in China 4 times, new-energy auto production and sales volume of about 340,000 vehicles and 330,000 units, compared with 334% and 343% respectively.

Previously such as BYD, part new-energy auto production enterprises, some of its hybrids such as "Qin" below similar new energy vehicles more impact on the prices of the domestic market, because I hope that through the promotion of private demand in the regional market, forcing the regional government to give "Qin" and BYD more policy support.

But behind the sales blowout of new energy vehicles, some enterprises for short-term interests and even lied to fill. Meanwhile, long-term policy benefits, is not conducive to the overall development of new-energy auto industry. Subsidies fall back just mechanisms will accelerate new energy car technologies and capabilities in key areas such as cost.

New of policy of implementation, undoubtedly will pour forced market accelerated transformation: simple by Lee of car enterprises will change sets fill, and cheat fill of behavior; long-term development new energy car of car enterprises, will in products competitiveness upper and lower more of Kung Fu; specification market, on new energy car has highlight contribution of car enterprises and models, will has relative fair of treats; reduce Central and the place of subsidies funds pressure.

"Simply relying on subsidies to and not to the manufacturer responsibility, is the electric vehicle development quality and efficiency one of the reasons. "Academician Yang Yusheng also believes that policies to support promotion of core technologies and products.

According to its forecasts, new energy vehicles to achieve the 2020 goal of 5 million cars, "Thirteen-Five" Central Government subsidies of about 390 billion yuan during the period. "Now that some cities can't afford to subsidize the policies should accelerate the fall back just. "Yang Yusheng said. If calculating subsidies according to fall back just 25%, "Thirteen-Five" during the subsidies needed 177 billion yuan from the Central Government.

Some analysts after the supporting policy of new energy vehicles in contrast to developed countries, are also considered to fall back just mechanisms for financial subsidies, can regulate the market on the one hand, on the other hand can gradually reduce the interference of local protectionism for popularization of new energy vehicles, subsidies end exit is inevitable, should transition to support policy of tax cuts, no longer subsidized by the local government from a new tax on energy companies and to consumers.

"Before policy was originally developed by driving up the sales of new-energy cars, sell products as long as the are successful. "The auto industry of Tsinghua University, Dean of Zhao said. Change car mentality of short-term arbitrage is an important measure is to speed up the subsidies fall back just. Both promote scale process and transition to unsubsidized, how to find a balance, a test of policy makers are smart.

BlackBerry Executive said: the future will focus on Android platform

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BlackBerry 10 fans were filled with forward to the ecology of the system to have a better development, but unfortunately, BlackBerry official confirmation message to these people pouring cold water. This BlackBerry high though not BlackBerry's head, but as products of the APAC region, Senior Director, Damian Tay has confirmed: BlackBerry is currently steering a platform ecosystem, and the BlackBerry platform of choice is Android.

In fact even in BlackBerry 10 times, BlackBerry has one foot was stepped on in Android on this boat. BB10 systems, in order to solve the problem of lack of applied ecology, BB10 systems through compatibility layers support Android applications.

On top of the latest BlackBerry PRIV phone BlackBerry using the Android system, but also their stock-in-trade QWERTY keyboard to move over. Fact that this phone's acceptance is very high, there are fears that this is a precursor to BlackBerry abandoned BB10, facts proved once again that such fears became reality.

Tay said that using two platforms in the market competition is unreasonable, while the future is Android (the future is really Android). BlackBerry is cross-platform applications and services to build, so the Android is an easy thing to turn to. BlackBerry decision is not to make people feel the accident, after all, the Android application of eco-BB10 not knowing how much higher.

But this process is not so fast, BlackBerry sales have, after all, still support the BlackBerry during Passport as well as Classic running BB10 system. And considering Android BB10 can't rate and security, BB10 today, after all, a lot of business and government markets, continued support was necessary. So the BlackBerry will probably also maintains two platforms over time, but this is only temporary unless there's also top BlackBerry stand out after denying Tay's comments.

Microsoft will stop 15GB OneDrive free space

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If you're OneDrive users, and you want to keep 15GB free storage space, it is only a few hours to make sure that my free space is not affected.

Microsoft announced last November that it would free storage OneDrive shrunk from 15GB 5GB and removed 15GB additional camera roll space. But then faced strong resistance, Microsoft does offer a scheme, allows the user to keep 15GB free storage space addition 15GB camera video space. But to that end, users need a special statement on January 31 was to ensure that my free space is not lost on the final day.

In order to ensure that they do not lose 15GB of free space, OneDrive users need to go to Microsoft Web site a dedicated page, click on the "reserve your free space", and then use the Microsoft account after logging in, will be prompted. When you are finished, 15GB free storage space and 15GB camera film new policy for space will not be affected.

Adjustment for OneDrive free space is part of Microsoft's overall adjustment plan of the cloud storage package. In addition to reducing the generation of free storage space, Microsoft will also stop for Office 365 Home Edition users with unlimited space, instead replaced by a 1TB space, while terminating OneDrive pay packages of 100GB and 200GB, launched the new 50GB package – a monthly price of $ 1.99.

Microsoft said at the time, some users are using OneDrive backup large amounts of data is an important reason for the reduced package volume. The company said, they just want to continue to focus on high-value productivity and collaboration experience, in order to benefit most OneDrive users.

Despite Microsoft's existing space reserved for free users of the programme, but does not pay for OneDrive users with similar channels.

The dollar impact of United States Science and technology company

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Many multinational corporations are subject to the effects of the dollar, one of the most obvious is United States technology companies. There is little evidence to suggest that the situation will ease in the short term. A year ago, currency market disadvantages have been hit Apple, industry giants such as Microsoft and IBM, and the latest quarterly results again highlight this situation. Google Alpahbet released today the latest quarterly results of the parent company, and their data will be affected.

The impact on Silicon Valley is particularly serious, because these enterprises in overseas hardware, software and services market is a huge success. S&P Dow Jones Indices estimated that United States 59% of the revenue came from overseas IT enterprises in 2014, while the standard and poor's 500-stock index that only 48%.

"I expect the industry will continue to be the areas most seriously affected. "S&P Dow Jones Indices analyst huohuade·xierwobulate (Howard Silverblatt) said," these companies in overseas market on a large scale. ”

Other issues such as the weak economy led to falling demand in the market for tech companies, products, thus further expanding the impact of exchange rate issues.

Last week, Apple is the most typical example. 66%, the consumer electronics giant's revenue came from overseas markets. The company said last week that the dollar's strength led to the company revenue losses of nearly 5 billion dollars in the December quarter. If excluding exchange rate fluctuations, the company revenue: US $ 80.8 billion, but only US $ 75.9 billion, resulting in an increase from 8% to 2%.

In addition to some hedging measures to deal with the rising dollar, but also said the company raised by Russia, and Brazil, and Turkey and other countries of the iPhone price to protect their profit margins.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) that take into account the unprecedented, so it is necessary to take some drastic measures. He said the dollar this time against almost all currencies have experienced extremely strong State.

Apple estimates that since September 2014 Russia ruble by more than 50% Brazil real devaluation of more than 40%, CAD, Australia, and Mexico in Bissau and Turkey lira depreciated more than 20%. Apple September 2014 by overseas revenues of $ 1 million, converted by December 2015, it drops to $ 850,000.

"When currency fluctuations to the extent, and so for some time, our influence is quite obvious. "Cook said. He told analysts that, superposition effects of fluctuations in exchange rates and slowing economic growth, resulting in almost all countries of the world under attack.

Other technology companies also complain that exchange rate fluctuations have an impact on its performance in the last quarter. Microsoft's earnings call last week, the dollar led to the December quarter revenue reduction of about $ 1.9 billion. IBM thinks exchange-rate effects of approximately US $ 1.5 billion in the fourth quarter. Software maker Oracle said in December that in the quarter ending in November, currency effects reduced by about $ 540 million.

Most of these corporate profits can hedge against currency fluctuations, the resulting effect is in the process of sales via foreign currency into dollars. But analysts said that when buying United States commodities, a stronger dollar will also have a more serious impact, causing prices to rise. In this case, potential buyers might delay purchases, or find alternatives.

United States market-research firm Gartner expects the dollar to 2015, $ 217 billion impact on the global IT industry, even more than the 2009 financial crisis levels.

The latest changes also produced a number of winners and losers. For example, Amazon's cloud computing business to use overseas data center construction, the company therefore get the benefit in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the technology giant in other countries (including Germany software company SAP) also used higher-valued dollar selling when the financial interests.

Most United States companies are talking about adverse effects of the stronger dollar. Alphabet Monday earnings may increase the intensity of discussion on this issue. The company's Google and other businesses about 53% in the September quarter of last year's revenue came from overseas markets. They estimate the exchange rate of the quarter's revenue had a $ 1.3 billion negative impact, and the impact was 1.1 billion dollars in March and June.

Alphabet CFO Ruth • Paula Rath (Ruth Porat) in third-quarter earnings conference call mentioned 5 times on negative exchange rate effects. Forth quarter results released on Monday, analyst at Raymond James and Associates estimates, excluding hedging gains, dollar strengthens against the company when the revenue impact is approximately $ 900 million.

Problem is more complex, harder to adopt effective hedging measures, including forward contracts or option to purchase or sale of foreign currency. In many cases, corporate hedging instruments are unable to offset the negative impact of the rising dollar.

"These measures do not work, because the dollar is too rapid, scope is too wide. "Gartner analyst yuehan·lafuluoke (John Lovelock) said.

For example, the Alphabet and last October they hedged only negative exchange rate effects reduced by 300 million dollars in the third quarter. IBM also had the same problem, the company's CFO Martin application of lot-et-Garonne (Martin Schroeter) estimates that currency in 2016 to $ 1.3 billion negative impact the company's profit--of which about three-fourths fall from hedge gains reduced.

Specific to the March quarter of this year, Apple projected exchange rate will cause its revenues reduced by 4%. The company did not clearly impact of hedges in the December quarter, but said the company plans to continue hedging measures to cope with the rising dollar. The company also hopes to back some of the money from the dealer.

Apple to these overseas companies pay a lot of dollars, means that they can benefit from a stronger dollar. Apple says that they plan to use this as a bargaining chip to negotiate new agreements.

FiREapps monetary analysis services provider CEO woerfugang·kesite (Wolfgang Koester) that, because of the difference in interest rates, and costs related to currency forward agreement may rise, while those of currency option will synchronize with Exchange rate fluctuations. Despite its complexity, the coaster is said Google and other companies have developed sophisticated tools for hedging.

Yahoo released tomorrow a new recovery plan or mass layoffs

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Bloomberg News quoted informed sources as saying today that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) on Tuesday announced a new recovery plan, including job cuts.

Yahoo will be released on February 2, the new quarter. People familiar with the matter said, when Yahoo will announce new recovery plan may include job cuts. Last December, Yahoo's decision to abandon the original plan to spin off its stake in Alibaba, but spun off other businesses, including holdings in Yahoo Japan 35% stake and form a new company.

But the plan was opposed by a number of large shareholders, Starboard Value, and Canyon Capital Advisors and Mason Capital and other major shareholders are urging Yahoo's Internet direct sale of core assets. Among them, the Starboard Value has twice recently sent a letter to Yahoo's Board of Directors said that it would launch a proxy fight.

Yahoo shareholders for a long time the Jacob Internet Fund (Jacob Internet Fund), Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of laian·ya Bubu (Ryan Jacob) said: "Mayer's time was almost exhausted. From the current situation, the proxy battle seemed inevitable. I support shareholders launched a proxy fight, Yahoo over a period of time the changes are incremental, let shareholders down for many years. ”

Investment company b. Riley and Co analyst samite·Xinha (Sameet Sinha) said: "at present, everyone wants Yahoo's Board and management to agree to sell the core of Internet assets. Yahoo there is no one to ensure the sustainable development of the ' killer ' products. ”

Since its as Yahoo CEO, Mayer has laid off more than 30%. Pivotal Research Group analyst bulaien·weiseer research institutions (Brian Wieser), Mayer's new plan might surprise investors, such as cutting 50%, but it is not very big.

Wesel, said: "from an investor's perspective, the biggest risk is that Yahoo is about to run out of cash. Even Mayer gives a new plan that sounds attractive, it does not mean that Yahoo would stop a proxy fight, let alone win. ”

What else could face four crises Mayer of Yahoo

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Unsurprisingly Yahoo's Board next week will face a battle.

February 2, Yahoo will announce its latest earnings, foreign media quoted informed sources as saying, Mayer plans during the earnings conference call about its strategic plan for the next step, and then assess shareholder reaction.

At present, Yahoo continues to resist an investor's core Internet assets for sale. And Reject the company's proposal to buy its core network services. If directors would believe Meyer their new revitalization plan, Mayer may also be directly deposed.

Because of the current Yahoo road was still difficult.

, Unable to launch Star products

Founded in 1994 by Yahoo, once the user's most visited portal site, declined due to miss the tide of search and social, decline in performance year after year, internal morale. Although frequently change, still no one can lead the company out of trouble.

2012 Mayer began taking over as Yahoo's Chief Executive, and President of Google's beauty, has been responsible for the Google search engine and Google maps and other products, management 2000 engineers, is considered to be one of Google's most powerful executives. Brilliant curriculum vitae together with Google in Japan, when style and Mayer hopes by many Yahoo investors, think she can boost stock prices, lead the company out of trouble.

Office of early, Mayer for has drastic of reform, first is around employees of initiatives, including boost morale, let employees on Yahoo future full confidence, created a similar Google of work environment: to employees free issued high-end intelligent machine, and paid flow and phone fee, provides free lunch, these measures won engineers of welcomes, then Yahoo senior talent of loss rate quickly declined, Mayer of support has also reached 97%, even to restaurant dinner are will was station up applauded.

Then around the user, by creating outstanding products, drive subscriber growth, allowing advertisers to increase advertising spending and generate more revenue for Yahoo. At this stage, Mayer began focusing on mobile, Yahoo still has a lot of good assets, photo community Flickr, Yahoo mail, Yahoo Finance service today has 700 million global users.

Mayer has repeatedly stressed the importance of the mobile Internet, thinks these quality gradually turned to mobile Internet services, are key elements for Yahoo to remain competitive in the future and to rise again. Yahoo then apply these quality-oriented smart-phone and tablet computer users to optimize, when the company's only 200 million monthly active users of mobile devices, this data has exceeded 450 million in less than two years.

But unfortunately Yahoo began a influential Star products cannot be introduced, and good products are important to Silicon Valley companies. In the Apple app store App Store, Yahoo ranked the top application is Yahoo Mail, the app is ranked 75th. Application in the App Store rankings, three came from four applications before Facebook; the top two came from Google. Even the McDonald's and Wal-Mart ranked than Yahoo front.

Second, acquired mobile services difficult to integrate

Although you cannot create a sensational product, but it may not be a good way out, Yahoo is trying to purchase talents, transition to a mobile terminal. Mayer open buy buy buy model, according to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2014, Yahoo has bought 46 companies. Including the light blogging service Tumblr summary, news service Summly Xobni, and iOS platforms, communication management applications automatically make Qwiki movies and so on.

According to Mayer's plan, Mayer turning Yahoo into a "major companies engaged in mobile", and within a short time through frequent Yahoo is expected to find enough relevant professional.

In terms of original objectives, Yahoo should force mobile service, will be integrated and part of the resources available. But the reality is, Mayer acquired companies are mainly engaged in different industries, and buying is generally smaller.

Faced with such a messy takeover, some of whom even questioned, saying that "what is the value of". Insiders said that, so far, have yet to see Mayer on the integration of these acquisitions strategy. If expected to shore up their resources through acquisition, Yahoo indeed enrich the talent pool. But from a shareholder perspective, light burn but no actual input and should not be tolerated.

Three split, split Alibaba expend too much energy

If Yahoo worth investors covet the decline is no doubt Yahoo stake in Alibaba. Actually it has become Yahoo's financial crisis the buffer and revive Yahoo's biggest capital.

Yahoo in 2005 for $ 1 billion to buy a 40% per cent in 2012 was part of the repurchase last year after Alibaba holdings, at this stage still holds about 15% shares.

Last January, Yahoo announced that the tax-free spin off this part of the current market value of more than $ 30 billion in assets, split into an independent registered company Aabaco, that is injected into the stake held by Aabaco, then to Aabaco shares in accordance with the share allocated to all Yahoo shareholders. Yahoo's plan to split the struggling Yahoo shareholders had a major boost, if achieved tax-free split of Yahoo shareholders and Ali is a huge benefit.

United States Internal Revenue Service official suggested that the split may not be tax-deductible, Yahoo has wrong-footed one, split the company's plans began to hesitate.

Last September, tax cloud of dust has finally settled, spin off company stock ownership does not by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agreed with the tax. If you continue to split, then shareholders may eventually need to pay about $ 12 billion in taxes and fees. Yahoo's market value at that time will be cut to about $ 20 billion.

Huge transaction costs were split by urging investors to start into calling on Yahoo to stop splitting up the company stock ownership plan. In 2015 the International Consumer Electronics Show, Mayer announced that Yahoo give up to spin off its stake in Alibaba, and prepared a long split eventually ended sadly.

Four, large shareholders to abdicate

Meanwhile, Mayer began to encounter the door "barbarian" that major shareholders to abdicate, because they could not lead Yahoo realize revitalization, stock prices continued to drop, leading to investor interests cannot be protected, Mayer in Yahoo's vulnerable position.

Now Yahoo's market value does not reflect the real value of Yahoo, Yahoo's Alibaba holdings hands 15% and hold 35% of Yahoo Japan shares, the two together is greater than the market value of Yahoo to remove Yahoo's cash and short-term investments, and other factors, means that Yahoo's core business, such as online content and advertising, are not only worthless but also in negative equity. Mayer actually shares in Yahoo rose since taking office are believed to be Ali Baba and the Japan Yahoo's push, and less to do with Yahoo's core business.

Release the value of Yahoo's core business became the urgent demand of investors.

But Mayer does not agree with the direct sale of Internet assets of the investor advice, but consider splitting up the Internet business, including holdings in Yahoo Japan 35% shares, and then formed an independent company to release the value of Yahoo's core Internet business and spin off plan calls for more than a year's time, which many investors ' ire.

Investors clearly hope for Mayer revitalizing Yahoo no longer, fearing competition from Google and Facebook, Yahoo's Internet business could fall further. Yahoo shareholders Canyon Capital Advisors last week sent a letter to Yahoo's Board, urging Yahoo to sell its core business or the entire company, rather than continue to waste money. Activist investor Starboard Value also repeated calls for direct selling of Yahoo's core Internet business.

Starboard and even said that if Yahoo's Board was still unmoved, the company hopes to gain several seats on Yahoo's Board of Directors, or are nominated to replace all the directors. Yahoo launched a proxy fight.

However, despite the many difficulties, captains role is questioned by analysts, but Mayer said in an interview with the financial times on Yahoo is still full of confidence in the future, that he does not does not intend to step down. In fact the Yahoo Board Director selected by the Mayer, Mayer had opinions about executives have left, so Mayer relies more on the Board of Directors, may not easily give up Mayer, Yahoo's Board has hired her commitment, will give her freedom of restructuring the company's decision-making and prove himself time. From this side, investors want Meyer to step down is not easy.

Revitalizing Yahoo may well depend on Mayer, Mayer's new plan specifically what layoffs? Spending cuts? Focus on the important business? The introduction of strategic investors for market management? We do not know. But one thing is certain is Yahoo's road to recovery is still long.

Google announced results of the parent company: business profit margins of exposure

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Google will announce on Monday its quarterly. Based on the new corporate structure, the outside world may see different Google.

Google was restructured last year, set up a parent company Alphabet, the core Internet business with driverless cars, smart homes and health care innovations such as the business was separated. On Monday, the Alphabet will be published for the first time that the two major business revenues, operating profit and capital expenditures, and provides historical data back in 2013.

According to statistics from Thomson Reuters, analysts on average expect, parent company Alphabet fourth-quarter revenue of $ 21 billion, and earnings per share of $ 8.09. However, investors and analysts for the Alphabet individual performance may be more interested in two pieces.

Due to investments in new projects, Alphabet margins are declining in recent years. MoffettNathanson maikeer·nasangsen, Research Analyst (Michael Nathanson) estimates that in 2015, Alphabet of profit before interest and tax was 26.2%, down from 30.6% in 2007. But he estimated that Google Internet business the profit margin compared to 31.5% last year, higher than the 2007 level.

Nasangsen estimates that Google Internet business last year's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of $ 32 billion, and "other" losses of us $ 2.3 billion. He said: "Google's earnings power should be stronger, but in recent years we have not seen that, because Google is investing in new services, which dragged down the overall profitability. If the latest data show that Google's core business does well, it will be good news. ”

Nasangsen believe that greater transparency will bring value. Last December, he estimates that Google's core business strong profitability, so the Alphabet with a total value of $ 582.5 billion, or us $ 840 per share, up from a previous estimate of $ 558.5 billion, or $ 805 per share. Alphabet shares closed Friday at $ 761.35 rose $ 13.05.

In other words, reveal core business will give the company a $ 24 billion market value, more than twice times market value of Twitter.

So there is precedent. In the past 1.5 years, Amazon, Netflix, and Expedia has released more detailed information for different business units, and 3 companies share price subsequently rose.

Amazon released the latest data shows that cloud computing business profitability better than investors expected. Expedia announced losses from elong to allow investors to better judge the profitability of the core business of the company.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Mahaney (Mark Mahaney) expects Alphabet Expedia earnings up to the same effect. He said: "Google's core business profitability is much stronger than the Alphabet as a whole. How much of the problem lies in the high, and profitability improved. We hope to see progress in this regard. ”

Alphabet's share price has risen recently. Announced on October 22 that it would release more detailed earnings figures, the company's shares rose more than 13%. NASDAQ decline over the same period last 5%.

But Mizuho Securities United States analyst nier·duoshi (Neil Doshi) stated that Google's core business margins may be dragging down the investment in cloud computing. In the cloud computing market, Google is running after the Amazon.

Premier League transfer deadline day: Giants last wild (real-time scrolling)

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Premier League into the winter transfer market deadline, at the end of the day or even half a day, teams tend to start in the Premier League and, finally, the team expanded and reinforced.

SINA sports roll immediately prior to broadcast the Premier League teams in the transfer market closed dynamic, 2015-16 Premier League transfer window, in the United Kingdom local time officially closed on the night of February 1 23:00, that is, February 2, 7:00 in the morning Beijing time.

Transfer deadline day trading records (Note: the following are United Kingdom local time, 8 hours later than Beijing time)

12:30 Spurs officials announced they are 29 Argentina fullback Federico Faccio La Liga team Sevilla on loan until the end of the season. (Completed)

Arsenal youth team player Alan ball-12:25 about horses and arsenal signed his first professional contract, he was not yet 19 years old, was a winger. (Completed) 12:07 Bundesliga team Werder Bremen official signed Tottenham youngster, and Serbia youth team captain miluosiweilikeweiqi the contract until 2019. Weilikeweiqi PF-back 20 years old, according to the information revealed in the kicker, his transfer fee of around 300,000 euros. (Completed)

Norwich 12:01 officially announced that they signed a sixth level leagues of England's 20 year old midfielder Emmanuel Eboue-Adams, transfer fees have not been named, both sides signed a 1.5 year contract. (Completed)

11:49 Liverpool Reject Waterford 20 years young Jerome Sinclair's £ 3 million offer.

11:40 approached Manchester United and arsenal, hoping in the winter before the window closes on loan at the last minute they bianweidebushi to make up for the current shortage of Manchester United fullback who. Roma striker 10:51 Doumbia had medical at Newcastle, not surprisingly, joined Newcastle on loan.

10:42 Sunderland to Aston Villa Defender, has played for Manchester City's Richards, Aston Villa's asking price of £ 10 million.

10:29 the daily mail said, seeking to return to the Premier League after Robinho away from evergrande, his representatives have already started negotiations with Leicester City and Swansea. 10:21 Watford for £ 8 million bid Rennes midfielder doucoure had been accepted, is headed to United Kingdom medical.

10:13 in the Manchester City boss Pellegrini with the shortage, will not release beisangte-sailinna.

10:04 Celtics raised on loan Manchester City Star, 19 year old Norway striker beisangte-sailinna after the Celtics had just rented the Manchester City Star, Patrick Roberts, 18 months.

10:00 the Sun News, joined West Bromwich Albion on loan Tottenham midfielder Pritchard, the duration is 6 months. (Completed)

9:45 of the Sky Sports News: Manchester United are considering freeing Juan Mata.

Arsene Wenger insists debushi 9:32 team, poking fun at transfer deadline day: "although I do not intend to buy one, but nobody knows what will happen if Messi wudianwushilai knocking at my door this afternoon? "Everton £ 13.5 million 8:48 quoted CSKA Moscow 25 year old striker Omar Nias.

8:44 United game, Sevilla midfielder Banega closer to joining Inter Milan.

7:50 supplement Newcastle to Arsenal's Kieran Gibbs on the sidewalk. 7:42, according to the post's exclusive sources said Chelsea striker Remy leave Chelsea is close to a done deal, home is uncertain at present, Remy, I would like to go out on loan, but Chelsea want to sell him.

7:35 City Star, 23-year old zukulini arrived in Athens, after the medical examination to join AEK Athens on loan until the end of the season.

7:10 small beilai Spurs Fulham £ 5 million offer.

7:06 Liverpool weighing whether to sign Teixeira of Donetsk, after Liverpool's offer of 25 million pounds by the Club Reject, but Teixeira himself interested in Liverpool. His termination payment provisions in the £ 53 million.

Zu Kebai Yue feed milk at home world's 6th richest man

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Facebook Inc.) founder and CEO Zu Kebai (Mark Zuckerberg) in the two-month parental leave at the same time, and the 6th largest in the world and 4th richest across the United States.

United Kingdom "daily mail" (Daily Mail) website, according to "Forbes" (Forbes), the world's largest social networking sites Facebook-quarter bright, rising stock prices rushed 12%, Zu Kebai surged this week to $ 47.9 billion worth property.

Zu Kebai, 31 years old one of the youngest of the 10 richest in the world, and even Google (Google), founder of Peggy (Larry Page,375 of millions of dollars, 10th), industrial Tycoon Kirk brothers (Charles Koch, David Koch,397 billion US dollars, separated from the 8th to 9th place) and transnational

Brain technology company Oracle (Oracle) former CEO Ellison (Larry Ellison,441 of millions of dollars, 7th place) contest.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Gates (Bill Gates) are still comfortably the world's richest man on the throne, now has $ 76.2 billion fortune.

Spain aodijia, founder of well-known fashion brand Zara (Amancio Ortega) to about us $ 68.4 billion Fortune ranks 2nd.

3rd to 5th place pork, respectively xiahasawei (Berkshire Hathaway) Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett,598 of millions of dollars), Amazon ( founder Bezos (Jeff Bezos,552 billion US dollars) with Mexico Telecom hengshilin

(Carlos Slim Helu,495 million US dollars).

Facebook expanded live features iPhone users start off

(Roundup) well-known social networking sites Facebook (Facebook) bright eyes released the preceding quarter profit after earnings, today expanded to provide streaming live video services.

Agence France-Presse reported, Facebook began testing Live live at the end of last year, is now open to United States users, as long as Apple (Apple) iPhone series mobile applications can use this feature.

Facebook product manager Lavrovsky (Vadim Lavrusik) wrote in a blog post: "people Live all the way to contact friends and family, encouraging. 」

"We are pleased to extend this feature so that everyone in the United States through the iPhone to share live video, and within a few weeks we are going to start rolling out to the rest of the world. 」

According to Lavrovsky, this feature lets people broadcast live on Facebook to other viewers, streaming file uploads of videos, Facebook dynamic times.

Facebook said that currently Google (Google) Android Smartphone availability of a Live version of the operating system.

Facebook this feature, prepare and live video streaming app (app) Meerkat and Twitter (Twitter) Periscope roll around each other.

Napa winery wine, Los Angeles cheap

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People can drink in Los Angeles the world's cheapest Napa winery wine, present in many Asian supermarkets peddling senior Napa winery wine, pricing cheaper than wineries for up to half the price, good value.

People don't have to drive up to Napa winery in Los Angeles, at the price of wine sold in supermarkets are sometimes cheaper than a winery, but people do not think that the old supermarket prices, Los Angeles Korea supermarket Galleria Supermarket, majestic Ranch 99 supermarkets, several fixed Winery wine, lower price and more.

A gable resident who likes red wine like Robert Mondavi Winery Napa winery wine, especially with a sweet wine (Moscato D'oro) she'll love, she and a friend North Winery every year is a trip to stock up until some time ago in the Korea supermarket finds, with sweet wine of the winery only 20 Yuan, only 16.99 Yuan, immediately store them off a couple of bottles.

Was accident of is, across several day she accident shopping big China supermarket, didn't thought Chinese supermarket also has sold this only liqueur, specials as long as 10.99 Yuan, she said, this only liqueur also not very popularity of wine, first times in Winery try drink on falls in love with it light, and fresh of sweet, back Los Angeles Hou in many old beauty supermarket are didn't found of, didn't thought Asia people of supermarket actually has, and price instead than winery more cheap.

If not bulk purchase buy wine from the winery, it may not be cost-effective, single wine pricing is not cheap, usually buy more than 6 wine, you can enjoy the benefits of around 70 percent, if joined the winery members, prices cheaper, but some wineries will ask its members at least once a year to set additional requirements such as 1 box of red wine.

People in the supermarket to buy the winery's wines tend to be the supermarket to buy at member price and natural price is likely lower than wineries bought, if supermarkets and discount, more than half the original price, and people at home in Los Angeles, spent the least amount of money you can buy Napa wines of high quality.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Buy pain millet Huawei in the United States how difficult selling cell phones

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With the gradual saturation of the domestic mobile phone market, continues to sell phones to home more difficult.

Almost all phone manufacturers face the sea problem, mentioning the sea, most people think of markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa, cell phones have little difficulty selling to these places, although difficult, but as long as channels in place, product quality problems, do not experience hard threshold, they demand for mobile phones is not high, followed by domestic mobile phone manufacturers will not patent disputes and other problems.

Now can see two obviously of sea trend: to millet, and charm family, for representative of thousand Yuan to 2000 Yuan of phone, will will overseas market of energy put to has India, Southeast Asia market, similar of phone manufacturers also has oppo, and vivo,; another a wave is is to Huawei, and ZTE for representative of in the high-end phone, they main of overseas market is to United States, and European, to mainly. To United States for representative of phone market and domestic phone market still has very big of different, to channel for cases, line Shang, and public market and operators is domestic three a main channel, with operators subsidies of sudden reduction, this part market phone of shipping volume has began reduced, public market became all phone manufacturers compete for Highland, most main of performance is increased line Xia entity shop, settled to Gome, and suning, stores in the.

United States different is that it is still dominated by operator channels, as of today, more than 95% phone through operator sales channels. Although in recent years United States shipments in the open market increases, but this changed very slowly, over the next three years, this will not be more than 10%.

Aimed at this market of domestic phone manufacturers main is Huawei and ZTE, to shipping volume to is, former is last year domestic phone manufacturers of first name, global range within about sold 109 million Department phone, which domestic shipping volume for 63 million, left of is is overseas market, currently Huawei yet open United States market, it of overseas market main is in European national, so United States became its this year international market of focus. Outsiders questioned Huawei's "Wolf" and drive, it sees the market, rarely misses time.

Contrary to another mobile phone manufacturer ZTE, transcript looks a lot overseas market than the domestic market. 2015 ZTE global smart phone shipments were 56 million, the domestic market accounted for 15 million, United States market this figure, ZTE Smartphone in the United States market share of 8.1%.

Different from Huawei, ZTE gradually since last year to find out the phone's play, as for ZTE handset shipments last year, still have 44 million functional phone, share accounted for nearly half of the shipments. How to quickly lower the low-end features, brand positioning is ZTE last year found the main task.

Resurgence in the United States market in the high-end market, price is between more than 200 to 400 dollars, AXON away in bare metal price in North America for $ 499.98, which is currently the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the United States at prices of products. The current resurgence in the United States mainly selling two phones: the main business of AXON mysteries series, and the main fashion the Blade Series, the latter country thousands of Yuan in price.

Domestic mobile phone out United States difficulties in addition to the channel, the patent is another sore point. This has not much accumulation of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, major brands such as ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, except the latter is based on the Motorola Division that year obtained other than patents, is the accumulation of years of most of the first two companies.

In fact, the patent issue in smaller shipments of stages do not highlight, but formed a certain scale, would pose a threat to other brands when the patents to block mobile phone manufacturers to enter United States largest weaknesses. Cheng Lixin in accept interview Shi said ZTE in United States of market share from 13 11% growth to 15 of 30%, but in growth early, market share began rose of when, on obviously of see abroad phone and chip manufacturers of self protection, "basically each week, at least are has one or two pile patent of case told came", ZTE communications Senior Deputy President, and Terminal North America District CEO Cheng Lixin had in accept interview Shi said. All domestic Internet phone manufacturers fall patent disputes, they also began to establish their own patent pool, the fastest way is through cooperation with the traditional handset makers to share patents, such as cooperation with the cool, delight in this vision cell phones into the United States market would save a lot of time.

Maybe this year will be the integration of domestic handset manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers integrate traditional handset makers and the Internet, this is from the perspective of channel and patented, integration of channels and mobile phone manufacturers, they can leverage each other, forming punch into.

For ZTE, and whether it is a product, technology or channel, are equipped with the most modern, the domestic market is not easy to attack, and overseas markets is an overtaking attempt. But no matter what, ZTE is also faster, hold before you can free up energy markets.

Xiao long 820/6GB luck to save configure vivo Xplay5S exposure

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Vivo Xplay5S is the successor of Xplay3S, now the new machine has been in Tutu appeared in the database. Based on the configuration information, VIVO Xplay5S will be powered by mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor.

In addition, VIVO Xplay5S well as 5.5-inch 2K display, equipped with front-8 million + rear 13 million pixel camera, running Android 6.0 operating system. This compared with earlier rumors of a configuration, significantly downgraded a lot, allegedly after messages showed, 4K Xplay5S will use a 6-inch screen, has a front-back 21 million pixels 12 million + lens combinations.

Games saved, Tutu broke, Xplay5S 4GB RAM+64GB ROM. Pan Jiutang industry analyst revealed that Vivo is probably in 2016, the first manufacturer of 6GB shipped in bulk to save, Xplay5S and the X6s are likely to use. This also means that Xplay5S or offer different versions shipped to save, including built-in models should be maintained 6GB games with high version.

In addition to configuring the exposure in addition to suspected vivo Xplay5S real spy photos have also appeared. Judging from the spy photos, use the metal body, back, equipped with a fingerprint recognition module. In addition, according to insiders before revelations, Xplay5S also uses Visual frameless design, along with eye-recognition technology and a brand new "image recognition" technology, or time to market in February.

Shape rounded: OPPO Find9 or a metal one fuselage

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Instead of approaching Spring Festival of new exposure, a few days ago with friends in the bar exposed two OPPO new renderings, suspected to have recently begun by the exposure of the OPPO Find 9.

Renderings show the machine using a metal unibody, the fuselage color is golden; back is a three-stage design, in addition to the outside is equipped with a camera and Flash on the back, below the main lens also has round fingerprint sensor. In addition, the logo seems to be using Flash elements of their lower back, has two rows of speakers at the bottom of the fuselage.

Pictures also showed that OPPO Find 9 fuselage corners are rounded, and may be due to the fuselage is thin, so the main lens has some tiny bumps on the back, but the overall design was beautiful, but always gives people a feeling of déjà vu.

Previously suspected OPPO Find 9 of both models in the Indonesian telecommunications regulatory agency certified, shown OPPO models may Find 9 as OPPO X9009 and OPPO X9009fw. Earlier rumors, OPPO will Find 9 by 5.9-inch 2K display, equipped with mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor, there is news that the machine will be officially unveiled in March.

IPhone can't dunk apples with AR, VR

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IPhone glory in 2015, shipments, profits, from the iPhone but 6S and the market situation, the prospects seem to be a very bad Apple urgently needed new sources of growth. In addition to cars, virtual reality is a new way of the Apple.

According to the financial times news, Apple starting in 2015 will form an increasingly large team studied AR augmented reality, virtual reality VR technology, especially how to combine with existing products.

Allegedly, this "secret research and development departments" with hundreds of employees, explore AR and VR together and many of them are from Microsoft and the company hired experts such as Lytro – which developed a light field camera Immerge, reality and computer graphics can be mixed together, providing a real-time VR experience.

In addition, Apple also recruited Doung Bowman, United States VR one of the industry's top experts.

Apple has acquired a number of companies, including Metaio, Faceshift, Emotient, Flyby Media--this is a AR start-up companies, Google Mobile Development Project Tango 3D positioning the layer a software application, information tag can be real objects, and then viewing on other Google devices.

Most notable fall was Apple's AR/VR team has created a VR helmet prototypes, including a variety of different configurations, similar to Oculus Rift HoloLens and Microsoft, especially the former Apple is interested in.

It is not clear whether Apple's VR helmet has entered the phase of actual products, and historically, Apple has many secret research and development of new products, but finally chose to give up.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

End of the PC market? Microsoft field transferred to the cloud to support a profit

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Twilight in the personal computer market, Microsoft is ((US-MSFT)) development of cloud just in time. According to Gartner figures, 2015 4th quarter PC sales dropped by 8.3%, investors may think that this is bad news for Microsoft, but the company's cloud support, safe and secure.

The CNNMoney reported, while Windows software and mobile phone sales were down, the strong dollar is not conducive to sales of Microsoft products in the world, Microsoft 4th quarter EPS 78 cents a share, better than market expectations, after-hours trading was up by more than 8%.

Microsoft 4th-quarter revenue of $ 25.7 billion, 2% compared a year earlier, but still beat analyst expectations, and if the dollar exchange rate, revenue growth should be 3%; $ 1.9 billion of which was Windows 10, Halo 5 related deferred income.

Microsoft 2015 annual profit of $ 6.3 billion, representing an 8% growth over the same period last year, mainly from the cloud enterprise revenue growth; the cloud 2015 annual revenue of US $ 6.3 billion in 2014, representing a growth of 5%, offsetting falling sales of Windows software 5%. However Windows software revenue decline has fallen by 2014 13% improved, and Windows 10 performance is poor, has 200 million computers in use since its launch. Win 10 is based on the type of free updates launching, it jacked up the downloads only, and not much help on PC sales.

Microsoft Office 365 services in 2015 a significant growth, subscribers to 20.6 million people, representing a sharp growth in 2014 124%. This annual fee subscription service, giving users the right to update your Office software, and do not need to spend money to buy a new version every few years.

Microsoft to compete with Apple's laptop sales Surface is also good, launched last 4th quarter of higher order versions of popular with consumers, Surface 2015 annual sales of $ 1.4 billion in 2014, representing a growth of 29%.