Monday, 1 February 2016

AI outbreak of the hardware and software together

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After gathering strength in recent years, artificial intelligence software and hardware set off the open source wave, speech, visual perception, such as the technology matures, more and more startups start with artificial intelligence-oriented.

IResearch analyst Lin Renxiang told the China business newspaper, said in an interview, speech, vision and other perceived core business solutions has landed, 2016 and artificial intelligence related fields of entrepreneurship will be even hotter.

Startups and big dance

Past 2015, artificial intelligence Neural networks using GPU parallel computing, and data accumulation, which improved performance and speed, perceiving dimensions of development further.

More and more big companies start layout in this field, Baidu drone Division was set up, and completed its first road test, Tencent has also set up intelligent computing and research lab. Can be seen from the giant's strategic layout, heat of the artificial intelligence will continue to heat up.

Meanwhile, the start-up companies in the field of artificial intelligence have Pearson VUE. These startups, most from the technology is more mature voice and image applications into the artificial intelligence industry.

From the perspective of development of artificial intelligence, in 2016, the business is still a good choice. Zhang yaqin, President of Baidu in 2016, said at the World Economic Forum annual meeting, the technologies of the coming decades, artificial intelligence is the Foundation, but also the development of all other power, whether it is business, or investment, could be considered artificial intelligence.

IResearch the 2015 report: application of artificial intelligence in China, according to the Pearson VUE available artificial intelligence startups in China, over 65 get the investment, financing totaled 2.91 billion yuan, in 2015, the amount of investment is about 1.26 billion yuan.

The report also shows that more and more invested in artificial intelligence agencies, has developed from less than 30 in 2014 to 2015 48.

Borealis ventures Vice President CAI Wei, "said AI outbreak stage of development is not an accident behind the data and computing power is rocket fuel, has a lot of opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence, and we will continue in the artificial intelligence field layout. ”

Wang Pengwei, Chairman of State-run investment revealed that the Agency for 2016 will pay attention to the field of artificial intelligence, mainly is the application of artificial intelligence in the field of rail transport, in contact with the investment objects are at present.

Application of vertical opportunities

Technological innovation is ultimately to return to commercial levels. Started with speech-recognition technology startups go out and ask, has now achieved across from software to hardware. Go ask the CEO Li Zhifei, told reporters: "since its inception, has been trying to find by landing the artificial intelligence technology to consumer product, define the next generation of human-computer interaction. "Go out and ask after the voice search APP and watch Ticwatch release carries its own operating system, is the software technology floor to hardware products.

Li Zhifei view that 2016 will enter the age of artificial intelligence AI3.0, from software to hardware, from information to services, ecology will be more complete in the consumption of artificial intelligence, intelligent wearable, robot hardware platforms joined, as well as car, home and other scenarios will be implemented.

CAI Wei, said now is the core technology of speech recognition, natural language understanding, and visual identity, vertical scale corresponding to the areas of application development, there will be more opportunities, and hyped drone in the real scene is difficult to implement the commercial.


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