Monday, 1 February 2016

Zu Kebai Yue feed milk at home world's 6th richest man

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Facebook Inc.) founder and CEO Zu Kebai (Mark Zuckerberg) in the two-month parental leave at the same time, and the 6th largest in the world and 4th richest across the United States.

United Kingdom "daily mail" (Daily Mail) website, according to "Forbes" (Forbes), the world's largest social networking sites Facebook-quarter bright, rising stock prices rushed 12%, Zu Kebai surged this week to $ 47.9 billion worth property.

Zu Kebai, 31 years old one of the youngest of the 10 richest in the world, and even Google (Google), founder of Peggy (Larry Page,375 of millions of dollars, 10th), industrial Tycoon Kirk brothers (Charles Koch, David Koch,397 billion US dollars, separated from the 8th to 9th place) and transnational

Brain technology company Oracle (Oracle) former CEO Ellison (Larry Ellison,441 of millions of dollars, 7th place) contest.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Gates (Bill Gates) are still comfortably the world's richest man on the throne, now has $ 76.2 billion fortune.

Spain aodijia, founder of well-known fashion brand Zara (Amancio Ortega) to about us $ 68.4 billion Fortune ranks 2nd.

3rd to 5th place pork, respectively xiahasawei (Berkshire Hathaway) Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett,598 of millions of dollars), Amazon ( founder Bezos (Jeff Bezos,552 billion US dollars) with Mexico Telecom hengshilin

(Carlos Slim Helu,495 million US dollars).

Facebook expanded live features iPhone users start off

(Roundup) well-known social networking sites Facebook (Facebook) bright eyes released the preceding quarter profit after earnings, today expanded to provide streaming live video services.

Agence France-Presse reported, Facebook began testing Live live at the end of last year, is now open to United States users, as long as Apple (Apple) iPhone series mobile applications can use this feature.

Facebook product manager Lavrovsky (Vadim Lavrusik) wrote in a blog post: "people Live all the way to contact friends and family, encouraging. 」

"We are pleased to extend this feature so that everyone in the United States through the iPhone to share live video, and within a few weeks we are going to start rolling out to the rest of the world. 」

According to Lavrovsky, this feature lets people broadcast live on Facebook to other viewers, streaming file uploads of videos, Facebook dynamic times.

Facebook said that currently Google (Google) Android Smartphone availability of a Live version of the operating system.

Facebook this feature, prepare and live video streaming app (app) Meerkat and Twitter (Twitter) Periscope roll around each other.


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